Expert Bridal Fitting and Alterations



I specialize in expert fitting, alterations, and repairs on all wedding and special occasion gowns.   I work with lace, beading, feathers, leather, delicate fabrics, silk satin, and more. No alteration is too big, no adjustment too small. I work on many sample gowns and also enjoy working with heirloom and vintage gowns, including appropriate repairs, re-sizing, and re-styling.  I pay great attention to detail, fit, and proportion, and believe that the alteration isn't done until you are satisfied. I have decades of experience fitting all sorts of clothes to all sorts of bodies, and enjoy the collaborative experience of making every bride look her most beautiful.

I have created hundreds of bustles, no two exactly the same, and always customize the look of your gown to your taste and style.

Alteration costs average from $500 to $700, depending on the style and dress materials, and how much labor is required.  Plan to have your initial fitting two to three months in advance of your wedding date.

I provide a half-hour consultation and detailed estimate for a $30 fee, applicable to the cost of your alterations.

Please contact me to make an appointment, it's never too soon!